Monday, May 5, 2008

Action Packed Weekend

What a crazy weekend... lots of things going on!

First, I attended a friend's retirement Saturday. Lots of fun and homebrew, good food and good people.

Then, I get home in time to watch my beloved Flyers beat Montreal, sending them to a PA showdown with Pittsburgh. The Battle of Pennsylvania - it's ON! Now it gets weird...

My wife calls my attention to a car in our court. Acting kinda funny... circling a few times, pointing at my neighbor's house, backing up, circling again... strange. It's 10PM. I go to check it out, but it appears he's leaving. I walk outside and lean against my truck. The car does a U-turn and parks at the end of my street. The driver gets out and walks to my neighbor's house. He looks nervous. I watch him - he clearly does not see me. He starts up my neighbor's driveway, and stops next to their car, kinda doodling on the windshield with his finger (or something). I decide this is enough.

I approach him. He does not notice me until I am about 10 feet from him. I ask what he's doing.


I ask if I can help him. "No." I ask again what he is doing, and if there is a problem. "No." I ask who he is looking for. No answer. I ask why he doesn't knock on the door, if he's looking for someone. No answer. I tell him he's on private property. He says "Fine, I'll move." and walks into the street. I follow, and tell him I'll just hang out with him, since it's a public place. He is really getting agitated.

After a few more verbal exchanges, I go to my neighbor's door and knock. The stranger starts walking quickly to his car and drives off. Not quite gone though, he passes the court twice more.

By now my wife has alerted the whole street, and everyone is coming outside.


Anyway, Sunday we got free tickets to the local AAA team baseball game. Minor league ball is fun to watch! Hot and sunny. The home team loses a squeaker. Still, good times.

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